Molecule Air bar, Sect 29 Gurgaon

Molecule Air Bar

‘Molecule’, when I first heard about this bar I was little confused about its name, why they call this bar Molecule? I had made some scientific guesses about maybe this will be because of the atoms which are when assembled together can make beer and all other farzi nonsense stuff I could think off.

But this mystery solved once I entered in this Bar. It felt like I have entered into some Adolf Hitler Chemistry lab. There were guns (fake) hanging on the wall. All the ceiling lights were in the shape of Molecules. Scary structures hanging from the wall and all the side walls were covered with molecule structure painting,filament lamps hanging from the ceiling covering the whole area with low yellow light looked amazing. All this ambiance mixed with liquid nitrogen fused food were giving it a vibe of laboratory.

This bar encompasses the top two floors of the building. The entrance floor gives the inside view of this chemical laboratory and the top is the terrace view. Both these floors are different from one another. Lower one is filled with music and lights and the terrace one is engulfed in silence and an amazing view of Gurgaon (Drinks are not allowed on the terrace).

So lets move and review this bar what say?


I was in awe with the ambiance of this bar, and the next thing which blew my mind is its “German Micro-Brewery”. Man, I never knew Beer could taste so much better.

They serve 4 kinds of House Brewed Beers:

1.Premium 2.Wheat Beer 3.Dark Roasted 4.Molecule Brew

To start with, they will give you all these beers to taste and to decide which one you will prefer, among all these “Molecule Brew” was the best one, and I will suggest everyone to definitely try this.



Most of the Indian and firangi food we tasted here were also great. We started with:

Chili Chicken Molecule way

From London To India

Paneer Tikka two ways

Crispy Black Pepper Chicken

Chicken Lollipop

All of these were yummy but Crispy Black Pepper Chicken, From London to India and Paneer Tikka two ways are a must have. They served Paneer Tikka in a small German Truck shaped toy which was filled with Liquid Nitrogen and the smoke was sipping with the sides.(Awesome serve style)



After eating these yummy food we couldn’t resist ourselves and ordered some cocktails:


Molecule Modena

Puff Puff Bong Bong

Out of these three we liked Roselane and Puff Puff Bong Bong. Roselane taste was very different from the other cocktails vodka and orange juice served with Nitrogen fused Rose gave it a rosey fragrance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Vapers are another one of the attractions of this place, they serve different kind of flavors like mint, coffee, paan out of which coffee was the best one, every puff felt like a drag of cappuccino going inside my body which was great.

Overall I can say that this place is a must visit for everyone, it serves all the basic requirement which we youth think of when we decide to go somewhere interesting. The food is great, drinks are great and the ambiance is awe inspiring.



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