Prankster, Sector 29 Gurgaon

Prankster, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Do you all remember the moment when you were in college and you used to curse your college and how you wanted it to end as soon as possible. And now after so many years when college days are over, not a day goes by when one don’t remembers one’s college and the days spent there. Days spend in the classes, all the mass bunks, parties in canteen, birthday celebrations at hostel and what not. Truth to be told if we are given a chance to go back, then we will try to remain in our college forever.

Trust me when I say that ‘Prankster’ is gonna pull you back in your college days, you are gonna get that nostalgic feeling, you are gonna laugh, you are gonna weep, long line short you are gonna live your college life once again for one night at least 😉

Let’s talk about its Ambiance! You know every college has Classrooms, Libraries, Labs, Canteens, Hostels etc. but what makes a college a college is there people there students and faculties. So my friends in Prankster your College is waiting for you, waiting for you to attend the classes, join the libraries, flirt in the canteen, talk in the hostel, Smoke at the Panwaari Shop and most importantly you can drink anywhere in this college.(Go tell the HOD now!!)

I know you all are like, what this guy is blabbering about, it doesn’t make any sense right? It will, once you go there. (aur judge saheb saboot k taur pe hamne khuch Photo lagaye hai :P)


Prankster has it’s own Brewery. They serve 3 kinds of House beer:

  1. Premium Beer
  2. Wheat Beer
  3. Dark Roasted Beer
  4. Prankster/House Beer

We tasted Premium and Prankster Beer, out of which Prankster Beer was best. Beer in Prankster as compared to other brewery is little thin but yeah they always serve fresh beer so that is a plus point.


Food in Prankster was superb. From honey chilli potato to Devil’s chicken everything that we tasted there was delicious.

We tried:

  1. Kick-Ass Honey Chilli Potato
  2. Devil’s Chicken
  3. E=MC^2 (Yeah! That’s really a name of the dish)
  4. Lamb Galauti
  5. Pepper Chilli Chicken

Out of which Honey Chilli Potato and Lamb Galauti is a must have. Honey Chilli Potato there is so soft, that once it gets in your mouth, it will melt like cream.


After drinking beer and eating these yummy foods it was time for some Cocktails.

We ordered:

  1. Pan Pasand Mojito
  2. Prankster Punk
  3. Babaji Ki Booti
  4. Garmi me Shardi Ka Ehsaas

Out of these Babaji Ki Booti and Prankster Punk are a must have. Babaji Ki booti was a blend of Bacardi White and Cucumber, and every sip of it was fresh feeling. Prankster Punk ingredients included Orange Chunks Lemon Chunks Apple Juice and Vodka (Straight High!!!).

I think there is nothing more left to say, so people go to this place and enjoy the night 😉


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