Trip to Kasol

Kasol- ‘Stoners Paradise’ as people call it. Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh situated on the banks of Parvati River. It is 42 km away from Bhuntar at the height of 1640 meters.

How To Reach Kasol:
Whether you are situated in Delhi or anywhere else, the only way to reach Kasol is by Road. Take a Bus or book a vehicle to go to Bhuntar, it’s on the way to Kullu and from Bhuntar you can take a Bus to Kasol.

In the last two years Kasol has become very popular among youngsters and family. As I told earlier it’s a stoners paradise, you can get all the hash you want, people who love smoking are gonna love this place. But what about the people who don’t smoke?

If you ask me then I have a simple answer for you and that is YES. Yes you’re gonna love it and after spending two days you won’t want to come back and that’s a promise.

Let me tell you more about Kasol, What there really is and why people are in so love with it.


Day 1

It was Friday evening, me and my 2 friends had just come from office. We were thinking of going to Kasol for a long time but hadn’t decided when to go. At that time I didn’t even know where kasol is and what am I missing. Lying there on my bed I asked one of my friends that should we go to Kasol today, and I don’t know what happened but all of us got ready and decided that we will leave today only. Now we didn’t know about Kasol route so we checked on internet and only thing we could gather was that if anyhow we reach Bhuntar we will reach Kasol.

We started calling travel agents but there were no vehicle available. So we went to Kashmere Gate to get any bus, there was so rsh day that it was difficult to get any bus or ticket. So we decided to break our trip into steps and thus catch a bus to Chandigarh.

All the way to Chandigarh we were on phone talking to vehicle dealers to get any vehicle, finally a guy got ready and the deal was done in 5K.We reached Chandigarh at 3 AM, and waited there for two hours as the vehicle was booked for 5 AM.

At 5 PM we again continued our journey to Kasol. My suggestion if you want to reach Kasol timely you should reach Bhuntar in morning, so that you do not get stuck in traffic. By the time we reached Kasol it was 5 PM already, we didn’t go to the market area and booked one room at the entry point of Kasol. Room owner was polite and the deal was done at 1000 bucks for 1 room, for 2 nights and 1 day, as initially we had planned to leave on Monday.

We freshened up, and decided to sleep for 1 hour to get our energy back. Tiredness took the better of us and we slept for 2 hours. Around 8 o’clock all of us woke up and got ready to start our adventure.

We literally didn’t know anything about Kasol till then.So we started exploring the place, there were many restaurants and bakery shop on the way. After crossing the last restaurant “Evergreen” we heard some folk singing, then we found out that there was some local fest going on. We didn’t understand a single thing that they were singing but we felt happy as the enthusiasm with which they were singing was admirable. Anyways after seating there for half an hour, we decide to explore some more.

There are no street lights in Kasol, so in the night it gets very dark on the road. We were walking aimlessly upwards not knowing where we were going, telling horror stories to each other all along. After walking for at least 40 minutes we saw some lights, determined to know where we have came, we moved forward, and saw may Punjabi families there. For a minute we were surprised, how come all of these guys are here and why they are all Punjabi’s. The answer was hidden on our LEFT!

We ordered tea on a local shop and asked him why there was so rush here. Then we came to know that there is a famous Gurudwara here named Manikarn. I jumped in excitement, as I had never been to Gurudwara and the first gurudwara I was going to see is Manikarn. Chai wala also told us that there is a hot water stream there where one can bath and for all people there is Langar.

When we saw the Gurudwara we were mesmerized by its beauty, it is very beautiful, we went inside, and saw our sikh brothers and uncles singing song in the praise of Guru Gobind Singh.

Ambiance was pleasant there everybody was sitting there happily singing and devoted to supreme god. As expected the Langar food was very tasty.

The water stream was hot, priests of Manikarn cook rice with that hot water which is then served in Langar.

After staying there for atleast 2 hours we decided to return, while returning we went to Evergreen restaurant. Light trance music was playing in background, we ordered Chicken Sizzler and Lasagne.

Yummy is the only word which is coming in my mind right now. It was getting late so after eating our dinner we returned to our hotel room and after few minutes of chatting went to sleep.

Day 2

We woke up early in the morning excited to explore some more. After getting ready we went for Breakfast in Moon Dance Café. We ordered Israeli and Italian breakfast. Once again yummy is the only thing which is coming to my mind right now.

After having breakfast we started our trekking, If you are willing to trek then you will find Kasol as the most beautiful place you have ever been to. After entering Kasol, when you will move towards the main market there is a small confectionary shop named German Bakery. I will tell you about it’s tasty products later first let me tell me you guys all about the natural beauties.

First thing you will see is a hanging bridge over Parvati River.Walking on this bridge is amazing, with Parvati River roaring beneath the bridge and with the bridge shaking a little with your every step, it is a great feeling. One can see all the turns which Parvati River takes through all those mountains from there.

After crossing the bridge there is a 2-3 Km of simple plain trekking but the view there is breath taking. We sat on the rock near Parvati River mesmerized by its force.

There are also Forest Department Camps situated there. We didn’t know then but we inquired about it, they told us it is for rent purpose 150 rupees for one night. To all the fellow travellers I will suggest to live in these tents only. As the morning and evening view from these tents located in the valleys is very amazing

We continued our trekking towards Chalal Village. After trekking for half an hour we came across dirty pathways, if you want to go to Chalal village then you will have to trek through these dirty pathways. A word of caution, these pathways are slippery so please take care while walking on it.


Finally after 45 minutes of trekking we reached Chalal Village.Its not a very big village but it reminded us of villages we used to watch in movies. There were senior citizens chatting with each other. Children in school dress walking and women cooking food and washing cloth. We stopped there for some time and inquired the villagers about what laid ahead, they told us about Rasol Village which was 3-4 hour of trekking from there.

We decided to go there and started walking, at the end point of Chalal Village we saw a mountain top. A very narrow pathway went there. I looked at my friends with daring eyes and within seconds we were walking towards that top. Slowly but steadily we moved towards the top, there was a small stone extended from the top. We sat on it with our legs hanging in the air.

I can’t explain the feeling which we got there, it was so amazing. We could see ranges of parallel mountains from there. All of which looked like a vast array of green trees. In those vast and dense mountains wherever sun’s ray was dropping, that point started glittering. We lost track of time there and sat there for almost 1 hour.

Even after one hour no one was moving from there but as we had lots of distance to trek we decided to move on. Trek from Chalal to Rasol is little difficult. There are no plains and you have to climb mountains to get there.

By the time we reached Rasol it was 5 pm, the view from Rasol top was amazing. We ate some maggi there as we had to return to Delhi the next day, we decided to walk downwards to Kasol again. We asked local people, almost all of them suggested that if we walk fast we can reach Kasol before getting dark. And if we think we are tired then we should rest in Rasol, as after getting dark it is very difficult to trek mountain and more importantly going downwards.

We started moving downward in hurry and reached Kasol around 8 pm.

Again we went for dinner to Evergreen restaurant and tried various cuisines available there. Everything almost everything you will eat in Evergreen restaurant is amazing.

While eating we were looking at each other sadly as we had to leave tomorrow, and trust me no one wanted to leave so soon. I couldn’t resist and finally said that I’m gonna stay here for one more day and I’m going to ask my senior for his approval.

I called my senior and told him about my trip as luck would have it he has also went for a trip to Haridwar with his family,he laughed after listening and said and I quote “You sound like a child talking like that, it seems that place is really nice. Go on enjoy your trip but come back by Wednesday.”

A surge of happiness passed in me and I started jumping there. I went inside the restaurants and told my friends about it. Everybody looked surprised and within seconds all of them started calling to their seniors. After 15 minutes all of us were ready to spend one more beautiful day in this heavenly place.

After chatting roaming and eating some more at different places we reached our room at 11.30 pm and slept after that.


Day 3

We woke up around 8 am and after getting freshened up we went outside for Breakfast. We ate some parathas and then decided to go again to the same hill top where we went yesterday. Before starting we went to German Bakery Shop, and asked for one Apple Crumble and one Carrot Cake. Both of these cakes were super delicious. We also tasted Cheese cake and it’s other products. But of all of them Apple Crumble and Carot cake were the best.

After having mouthful of Apple Crumble we started our trek, this time we took a different route,this route was surrounded by Peach trees, and was mostly empty and many of the travellers were walking beside the river.

This route was very silent and one could hear even a single ruffle of leaves, one of my friends jokingly said that he is going to meditate here, and sat in a yoga aasan, removed his spectacles and closed his eyes.

We told him to take his time till then we explored our surroundings.  When half an hour passed and my friend didn’t open his eyes we thought that he has gone to sleep, we went to him and shook his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes, and said that it was such an amazing feeling, now he is feeling very relaxed.

We couldn’t believe our ears,as this particular friend was not meditating type. We then realized that this place can do these kind of things too.

We continued our journey till Chalal Village, stopped there for some tea and carried forward to the hill top we have decided to stop. We sat there at the hill top watching the perfection of nature and letting the sun set. Even now while writing when I close my eyes I can visualize that view. We sat there for a very long time and then came down to Kasol in evening.

We passed our time by taking a stroll at Stone Garden and watching different stone ornaments.

In the night we again went to Evergreen for a heavy dinner, as this was the last we were going to eat there. We spent the night on our hotel terrace smoking hash and talking and went to sleep late at night.

In the morning we took a Bus to Bhuntar and from there we booked a Volvo to Delhi. Our trip had come to an end giving us lifetime memories and a motivation to trip to more places like Kasol.



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